Monthly Favorites

Monthly Favorites
Hello Beauties,

Today I have decided to create a new category of article : THE MONTHLY FAVORITES. And for this first one, it will be in English !

I apologize in advance if you find some mistakes.

So let’s begin with clothes !

I’m in love with NEW LOOK and especiallly with their shoes imitation « VANS ».


I got one pair in rosegold glitter and an another in grey.


There are so confortable that I have the feeling to walk in slippers. You can wear them with absolutely everything. And it’s really easy to clean them. Especially when you live in the english countryside…. 🙂

You can still find them in store.


I also love wearing colorful pullovers. I have this nice yellow cropped pullovers from PRIMARK and this red one from CAMAIEU ( a french brand ). There aren’t in whool beacause I can’t wear this fabric but they still keep me warm !


I really enjoy wearing colors during winter time.

So when I don’t wear colorful clothes, I bring colors with accesories and scarfs.

I don’t think I already talk to you guys about my love for scarfs… It’s crazy !


I own this new one from JOULES. I discovered this brand not a long time ago but I already like it.  It isn’t cheap but in my opinion their prices stay correct.


This second one comes from CAMAIEU too. She is extremely fluffy and soft !

Now let’s talk about beauty and Makeup !

You probably recognize those skincare from VITAMIN E. I recently published a review about it. And my opinion is the same. Those are amazing products which saved my skin from this freezing english wind.


To bring colors on my face, I love using this blush palette from ZOEVA. There are all the basic colors that you need for everyday. Their blushes are very pigmented and easy to blend.


To seem more tanned, I apply a little bit of bronzer. And this last few days, I only use this one from L’OREAL.


I received to my Birthday this lovely bracelet with precious stones. It’s supposed to bring me more luck and joy in my life. I find it pretty too. That’s the reason why, I wear it all the time.


I’m trying to keep my lips well hydrated. And these three balms and lipgloss are my saviors. I especially love this REVLON balm ( a nice browny mauve color )


If I decide to apply a lipstick, I use before this BURT’S BEEDS balm. I find that it’s the most efficient that I have ever tried.


And to finish this article, I present you one of the earrings that I often wear. I love small and simple earrings like this one.


I hope that you have appreciated this article. In the next MONTHLY FAVORITES, you could also find musics, movies, foods or travels favorites and not only beauty and fashion like today.

Wish you all  an amazing day !


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  1. février 8, 2018 / 7:48

    I also love scarfs! Je pourrais en porter tous les jours! J’adore la couleur du pull de CAMAIEU. XXX Jessika

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