Welcome to STOURHEAD !

Welcome to STOURHEAD !
Hello Beauties,

And welcome to STOURHEAD, a lovely property of old bankers.

I didn’t planned to write this article but this place is so splendid that I had to share this with you !

Preserve by the National Trust, you will start by paying 17 pounds to have access to all the activities. But it definitely worth it !

After the visitor reception, I began my walk towards the lake. On the path, you will see an art gallery and a shop/plant centre but also a few typical houses.


And on the otherside, the medieval « St Peter’s Church ». Frequently renovated, the church is in a very good state of conservation.


The view from the church is absolutely beautiful ! But you will see later that all the views are exceptional.


This monument is the « Bristol High Cross ». It was originally in the town centre of Bristol. It was moved to the Stourhead estate in 1765.


On the foreground of this picture, you can see the « Palladian Bridge » and in the background the « Pantheon ».

It’s the main area where people come to have a picnic. If you prefer there are very good restaurants for a very affordable price.


When you continue, you pass in front of the « Temple of Flora ».


Before to explore the « Pantheon », you have to go inside an old Grotto of 260 years old.


You will meet gods, or their statues including Neptune God of the Sea.


And finally, the « Pantheon » ( at least a reproduction )

As you see, there are lots of link with art and Italy.


Here you can see the Temple of Flora and the old Boat House.


And before to visit the castle, you have to climb to see the Temple of Apollo. I think that one of the scene of « Lie and Prejudice » has been turned.


As always, one more amazing view of the lake.


To finish the day, we went to the Bank Valut Basement / castle.


Sadly we couldn’t take pictures inside but believe me it’s very pretty and well preserve.


I hope that I gave you the envy to visit and discover STOURHEAD when you get the chance. I think that it’s the perfect destination if you just want to have a chill day. Especially when it’s sunny as it was this last few days.



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